Windows Defender halt when scanning wscript.exe error 0x800705b4



Everytime when I run a scan, and its will pending at scanning
c:\windows\system32\wscript.exe, and when I try to stop the scan, an error
box will appear,saying

"Windows defender encountered an error 0x800705b4. This operation retuened
because the timeout period expired"

and I won't be able to close or stop windows defender which I need to kill
the process manually


Same problem here, everytime I try to do a SCAN using the SCAN NOW BUTTON it
gives me the same error error 0x800705b4 the only way I can scan is using the
scan option on the top bar.


I just resolve the issue by

- Stop the defender sevices, close all program
- uninstall windows defender
- restart , download the latest copy and install the windows defender again,
it seems ok now



I have this same problem. Downloaded and installed WD versions...

Windows Defender Version: 1.1.1347.0
Engine Version: 1.1.1440.0
Definition Version: 1.14.1464.7

But during a scan it stops around 2 mins in with the same error reported in
the first post here.

I'm running Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 2.

Nothing obvious in the event logs, tried uninstalling/re-installing, but the
problem persists.

Any ideas?


Same here. It only happens with the full scan. After a while it gets stuck on
a certain file (while there's nothing wrong with it).
I think it is related to the amount of files scanned. Maybe there's a
maximum of files Defender can handle. After I cleaned up a rather big
document folder on my drive, it worked fine. When I restored it, it got stuck
again (on a file that is not contained in that folder).

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