Windows Defender scanning odd times



Twice now this has happened, I hear my computer making a noise like its
scanning so I check windows defender (because I am curious) and it starts up!
Its made to run at ten at night but these two times were not near that time.
Any reason as to why this happens?
It does not happen everytime I click WD just these two times, Also when it
is a schedueled scan it take well over 2 1/2 hours to complete, but if I
click scan now it take 50-55 seconds to complete!


Hello tugga,

Let me offer half answer, see this old post in regard the last part of your


For the first part, I have to do more research.

Check back later, though. I'm sure someone who knows a lot more than I do
about this will be passing through any time now.

Also - in the futuÑe - give a few details.

1.- Operating System, Service Pack

2.-What anti-virus application or security suite is installed and is your
subscription current?

3.- and what other security software are you running, if any?
[antivirus/anti-malware/cookie or popup blocker/or, any security
software that monitors the registry keys for changes]

Thank you


Thank you for your reply,
I run vista home basic SP2
I use AVG 8.5 free
and scan periodically with others like MBAM and SAS


I just checked WD and it says that the last time it scanned was 7/8/09 at
23.55 (full system scan)
Yet this is not the time it started the last scan, that was 8/8/09 at 00.56.

I shut down my computer before it had finished scanning (it had scanned for
about 30+ mins) but it still should have had that scan as being the last one
and not the one before it.


Hi tugga,

Thanks to provide the ask info.

Well, now we know since you have Vista, is not possible to unistall and
reinstal Windows Defender. ;-(
7/8/09 at 23.55 (full system scan)
Yet this is not the time it started the last scan, that was 8/8/09 at 00.56.
So the next step is:

Please click the clock icon in the lower right corner of your desktop and
follow the wizard to set your Time Zone properly.

Also, check what Internet Time server you are using for synchronization. -
changed it - to or

Please confirm your system clock, and Time Zone also the Date are set
Having it set incorrectly can cause this type of behaviºr.

In Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.

Scroll down to find 'Windows Defender'.

Right-click, then select 'Properties'.

In the 'General' tab the 'Startup type' be sure is set to 'Automatic'.

then selected 'Apply' > 'OK'.


Run a System File Checker option is easy and can't huÑt to try.

One thing I can think of is to try running the command "sfc /scannow"
in a elevated command prompt.

How Open Command Prompt as Administrator on Elevation in Vista

Run SFC to see if any file from the OS or Windows Defender has been delete
or corrupt.

Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories and right-click
on the Command Prompt and choose "Run as administrator".

Type in:


and press your Enter key.

I hope this helps.

:. .:


I checked the time and date and that was correct and WD is set for automatic,
I think the reason that it scans when ever it wants to is due to the fact
most of the time when it should be scanning I have the computer turned off?

I also did the "sfc /scannow" and it said that it found some corrupted files
but was unable to fix some of them, I looked in c:\windows\logs\cbs\.... and
it said access denied, I tried to look at them in admin and got the same


I worked out how to look at the results but the list is huge and confusing, I
think I just saw the one file twice that could not be repaired and that was
something like "hosts" winsock..... something like that

Any ideas?


Flush DNS

How Open Command Prompt as Administrator on Elevation in Vista
Method 1

Type each of the following:

IPConfig /FlushDNS [Press Enter key]
ipconfig /release [Press Enter key]
ipconfig /renew [Press Enter key]
ipconfig /registerdns [Press Enter key]


How Open Command Prompt as Administrator on Elevation in Vista
Method 1.

Type the following:

netsh winsock reset

Press Enter key

To exit the command prompt, type the following:


Restart the system


What will those commands do and is there a chance of them doing something bad
if I identified the wrong thing in the CBS log?


I re did the SFC /SCANNOW just to see what it might say and it says
"Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations"

what does that mean?
does it mean it fixed the previous one, which it couldnt have done as it
said that some files could not be repaired that time.... very confusing!


ipconfig /flushdns = Purges the DNS Resolver cache
ipconfig /release = Releases the IP address for the specified adapter
ipconfig /renew = Renews the IP address for the specified adapter
ipconfig /registerdns = Refreshes all DHCP leases and reregisters DNS names


<what does that mean?

That mean, don't worry. Everything is OK

A re-start is an excellent way to get started if something is resistant to
cleaning or fix in normal mode.

The fix, some times updates a DLL that is loaded in one or more processes
that are required by Windows. The security update cannot be fix while the DLL
is loaded. Therefore, the security update must stop the process that causes
the DLL to be loaded. Stopping the process will unload the DLL that is
required to complete the update. However, the process in which the DLL is
loaded cannot be stopped while Windows is running. For example, the security
update that is described in security bulletin MS04-011 updates many DLLs that
are loaded in core operating system processes that cannot be stopped without
shutting down Windows.

The security update updates an .exe file that is currently running as a
process that is required by Windows. The update cannot be completed while
this process is running. However, you cannot force this process to stop
unless you shut down Windows. For example, Csrss.exe is a required process in

The security update updates a device driver that is currently being used and
that is required by Windows. The update cannot be completed while this device
driver is being used. However, you cannot unload this device driver unless
you shut down Windows. For example, Disk.sys is a device driver that is
required by Windows.

The security update makes changes to the registry. These changes require
that you restart your computer.

The security update makes changes to registry entries that are read only
when you start your computer.

Tugga, FYI (remember this for the future)
Usually, after the installation of each driver, you must reboot. If the
driver installation program does not ask you to reboot, I still recommend to
do so.

In short, rebooting, help to fix many problems.

Well tugga, enjoy the weekend, is nothing to worry about.



So the winsock thing is now resolved?

Is it worth me doing the flushes?

I still do not know why WD suddenly those two times just started scanning
though.. might just have been "one of those things?"

Thanks alot for your help and I hope you have a nice weekend too!


I set the time for it to scan now at 13.00 and I waited till it was 13.05
then looked at it and it immediately started up! it should have been running
for 5 minutes but it did not start till I looked at it 5 minutes after its
start time...

Is this a known thing?


Hi again,
I heard my computer make a noise like it was scanning and opened up WD and
it again just started up, this was at 00.01
I restarted it and opened up WD to see what time it would say it had started
and it said 23.31...

It does run so that does not worry me its just the times it starts up is

Anymore help please on this?


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