Quick review of Windows Defender, non-beta


History Fan

Install went smoothly. I didn't have the beta already installed, so
that probably helped.

WD's user interface background colors are a tad different.

WD icon looks a bit different when running a scan or updating.

So far, no Defender checkpoints have been created, which is nice.

The first few times I manually ran an update check, a small balloon
window popped up telling me Defender was checking for them. Then it would
say none are available. I did this about 4 times. But now when I run a
manual check, my DSL modem light indicates activity, but there are no pop up
balloon windows. Same glitch I had with the beta. Not a big deal, I
suppose. As long as Defender automatically does the updating, I'm

Bill Sanderson MVP

Interesting, about the balloon popups not happening. I haven't seen this
myself, but I don't look for it, either. Could be some generic bug to do
with balloon display, maybe--there seem to be such for tooltips, but that
may be completely unrelated.

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