Windows Defender Beta Disk Noise



I have Windows Defender Beta 2 set to run a deep scan each evening. The scan
runs for about 10 minutes on my PC. About 30 seconds prior to the scan
ending, a loud grating noise comes from the PC. The noise comes in short
bursts of 3-5 seconds each. This never happened with the previous MS
anti-spyware beta software.

Is this normal? It sounds awful!

Last night I changed to quick scan and there was no noise.



Hi Jack,

As you see, your reply was only "no message"



Yes it is normal because for some reasons the full scan triggers
accessing th floppy drive. I tried this on my system and it does make a
scratching noise and looking at the floppy drive, I can see the floppy
light going on.


Thanks very much. I just ran the full scan and sure enough, the floppy light
came on when the noises started just before the pgm ended.

It's odd that the progress screen doesn't indicate that files supposedly on
the floppy are being accessed. As the floppy light went on I looked up to see
regular files in my Word and photo directory being scanned, with no reference
to the floppy drive.

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