Windows Defender is NOT running at the Set time



I set the Windows Defender to run at 6:00PM daily. I checked its home screen
and it displays automatic run at 6:00 PM daily. Next I run a full scan at
9:45 am on March 6.

I watched at 6:00 PM last night and Windows Defender did not run. The date
on the display still reads 9:45 am March 6. Again tonight it did not run.

I like the old program that popped up a display to give me a warm feeling
that the anti-spyware was scanning and working. If I had not checked the
display I would have assumed, incorrectly, that the defender was scanning my

So how do I get it to automatically scan at 6:00PM and how do I know it is

BTW: Tonight I close all other progrms and waited for it to run until after


Hello Arete,

Is the Task Scheduler disabled under services? Microsoft Antispyware
schedules as a hidden task using the Windows Scheduled tasks facility--so
Task Scheduler needs to be available.

I hope this post is helpful, let us know how it works ºut.


Task schedule is set to automatic and the other automatic tasks on my machine
are all running. Face it Defender has a bug -- instead of looking for a quick
solution maybe MS should look for the problem and fix it.

I noticed that several people are having this prolem. In fact, some people
are getting the ballonn that scan has not not run in XX day because the
auto-schduler is not running.

Why did the MSA autoscan work on my machines last week and
Defender does not work?

How is MS verifying that the BETA 2 is working? The history does not give a
history of when the scan were run.

I would like to see a months worth of scan to verify what days the scans
were run. How do I know that last Monday a scan was run without a history of

Is the BETA2 creating history files or debug file you can send to MS them?

Why to I have to keep getting a balloon for MPCMDRUN each time I reboot?

It looks like from Beta1 to Beta 2 was too big a step.

Why did the MSA autoscan work great but defender does not run? (same machine
and same software)

Bill Sanderson

Have you looked at the System Events log--for items with source "windefend"?

That should record start and stop times for all scans.



Mr. Sanderson;

I appreciate your tenacity as you have passed this information along several
times and in reply to numerous posts.

I also noted a reply elsewhere from a "Mr. Chan" of Microsoft stating a
similar suggestion.

Still - you would think it would eventually "dawn" on them that this
"purist" approach has some obvious flaws and is not what the "customer"
expects or desires.

The "customer" is not wrong to:

1. Want to readily know if and when a program is running.
2. Identify if a program has run previously.
3. Identify when program ran if there were problems detected or that "no
problems" were detected.

Now I agree that these or this information can be dredged from elsewhere in
the system for the most part.

But if there are defined locations for this information to be stored and
they cannot figure out how to collate an embed within their software - then
why not:

1. Provide a link within the program directing the user to the repository
for said event log. Possibly even there can be a sort feature for the event
ID's for selected operations.

Oh but maybe not all programs are stored in the same file or location.....

Then provide a customizable link that will be specified by the user to
direct the system and guide the user to the appropriate folder for that
system or computer.

I think they call these "shortcuts"..........

Oh and maybe there can be a "help" or explanation for this - to advise the
"customer" that the logs for the program are not retained "within" the
program to make them readily accessible by or to the user but are retained in
the "Event Logs" along with some other useful bits of information that they
might want to look at periodically.

I really don't see where Microsoft feels they can continue to come off with

Sorry but that is "too much to ask of us" - attitude.

My take.........


Bill Sanderson MVP

I'm not Microsoft, and can't speak for them--but one purpose of these groups
is to gather feedback about the operation of the beta product. Your
feedback does get read, and does result in changes to the beta over time.
Thanks for taking the time to provide it.


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