Defender always off but shown as on in Security Center



I am running Vista 64 bit, AVG Anti Virus (Free ver 9.0.733). Windows
Security Center Reports under Malware Protection that "Windows Defender and
AVG Antivirus both report that they are turned on." But when I start Defender
manually it reports it is not turned on; I click the "Turn Defender on Now"
button and find Defender has not scanned since I last scanned it manually.
Under Defender options it is scheduled to scan daily well after AVG is
scheduled to scan. Windows Automatic Updates for Defender are downloaded and
installed properly. It does scan fine when I manually start the scan however.


If you want to see WD Real Time Protection in action, try the EICAR the test
so you can safely verify the product's working.

If you haven't seen Windows Defender detect something, visit
<>, download the 68 byte file, and copy it to your startup folder.

Your AV solution (that you should be running in addition to Windows
Defender) will also pick it up."


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