Defender and firewall turn off alone



I have Vista.I have windows live onecare that expired. Once in a while,
windows security center alerts pop up and I find the firewall and windows
defender is off. I manually turn the firewall and windows defender on. Then
after a while, they would turn off. Any help here of what could be the
problem, is these signs of the virus Conficker? I scanned my computer and it
came clean. Could windows live onecare causing my firewall and defender
turning off.


Hi Bill,
Just to be sure, I have Avast AV, Threatfire, Spybot S&D, MSE,
Windows Defender and Windows Firewall switched on, Windows Defender keeps
switching off, should I leave Windows Defender on or off, should I leave
Windows Firewall on or off, I have Vista Home Basic, I am a novice. I tried
to post as a new comment but I can't find the " subject box ".

Bill Sanderson

Leave Windows Defender off, as long as Microsoft Security Essentials is
running. You probably should not be running both AVAST and Microsoft
Security Essentials--only one product should be doing real-time scanning.

Keep the Windows firewall on by all means--that is important. Some of the
fancier security suites include their own firewalls, but I don't think that
Avast does.

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