Windows Defender and Firewall turns self off



Each time I turn on my laptop, I receive warnings that my firewall is turned
off and Defender is turned off. I can turn on the firewall and all checks
out ok. On occasion I can turn on Defender manually, however there is a
warning message that defender is reporting back to the security center in a
format which is "out of date"

I have tried running all program and definition updates available, still no


Hat OS are you running?
are you running the OS firewall?
What antivirus program are you running?
more info please


I have a similar issue which has popped up in the last three days. When I
turn on and boot up my pc, windows defender is turned off and I get a
Security Center warning. I can turn it back on, but it happens every time I
boot up. Also, security center will no longer recognize my Panda Cloud
antivirus - again, happened in the last three days, same time as the Defender
issue. Any ideas?

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