Windows Defender Not Auto Scanning



I had Windows Antispyware in my computer and it did automatically scan my
computer daily. When Antispy stated that an upgrade was available, I allowed
the upgrade and Windows Defender was installed. It does not auto scan the
computer daily. All the settings in Defender are correct.

In "Scheduled Tasks" under status it says "Could not start"

In the MP Schedule Scan Properties

Run: "C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MpCmdRum.exe"

What should be in the RUN AS box

What else can I do to make auto scan work?
Start in: C:\Program Files\Windows Defender"


Having the same problem with latest version--Windows Defender Version:
Engine Version: 1.1.1372.0
Definition Version: 1.14.1452.3

Running XP, SP2.


Same problem here also!! But, something will auto scan on two
other computers in my house running XP

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