Windows Defender Beta 2 on Windows 2003 Enterprise Server



I just installed Windows Defender on this OS but when I click the 'Check now'
button for updating the defenitions, nothing happens. I've already tried this

1. goto start, run and type in:
Msiexec /x {A5CC2A09-E9D3-49EC-923D-03874BBD4C2C}, but then i get the
message 'This action is only valid for products currently installed'.

How can i update windows defender. Automatic updates are configured by a
policy set to receive and install them automatically.

What is wrong and how can this be fixed?

Thanks in advance.




Oow, i forgot to mention that i already tried reinstalling it but that
doesn't help also.



Bill Sanderson MVP

When you say that automatic updates are configured by policy--what server do
those automatic updates come from?

On this server--have you been to Windows Update, and applied all offered
critical updates? There is sometimes a prerequisite that might be needed
before auto-updates will work.

When you say nothing happens--the normal sequence is:

Help, about, check for updates
balloon notification of start of checking for updates
balloon notifaction of completion of check for updates--with info about
whether any were found.
(You can then open the UI and look at the bottom of the home page and see
the new definition number, if all has gone well.)

So--if you have balloon notifications turned off, you won't see anything. I
believe there are equivalent log messages in the System Events log, with
source WinDefend--take a look there.

Additionally, take a look at \windows\windowsupdate.log after such a failed
update--there's a good chance it will have useful clues.

Steve Dodson's new troubleshooting KB article may well have relevant info
for you as well--see points 4 and 5 as I recall:


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