who marked the email as read?


Spencer Hutton

we are on exchange and have a help desk inbox that we (5 of us) all have as
one of our outlook mailboxes. is there anyway to tell which one of us marked
the email in the inbox as read. we have a rule that you mark it as read only
if you are going to answer the customers email and someone is marking them
read and not doing anything.


Hello Spencer (and that looks funny to me, because my name is Spencer also),
While I too do not know a way to know who has read which email, I would like
to make a suggestion. Not only could the emails be marked as read, but each
person could have their own flag color for follow ups if you are using
Outlook 2003.
We have four artists that share a group email. Whomever takes the email
flags with their color. At a quick glance, they all know who is working on
each email, even if one of them is out of the office that day.
They LOVE it.
Just a suggestion. But if you've got one person who doesn't notate that
he/she read the email, I guess you'd be able to narrow down the choices when
you see which color flag is not being seen very often. ;-)
Best wishes,
SpenCer from Blitzburgh

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