mark as read email issue



My supervisor says that if she does not get to an email it will automatically
be marked as read - so it won't be bolded anymore. Is this possible? Is there
some sort of timing mechanism that controls this and if so can you please
help with how to access and change it so that messages stay marked as unread
until they are read?

I checked the options tabs under the tools menu, which is where I thought I
may find some direction but couldn't find anything so my suspicion is that
she is touching on the email while navigating to another email below it,
thereby marking the email she only touched on, as read.

All help is sincerely appreciated. Thank you.

Roady [MVP]

No, there is no such mechanism. I think your suspicion is correct. You can
change the "mark as read" options via;
Tools-> Options...-> tab Other-> button Reading Pane...

There are some other situations in which this can occur as well which
involves accessing the same mailbox via a mobile device or having a delegate
accessing those emails.

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