Weird Meeting Scheduling Problem




We are currently running Exchange 5.5 with the Outlook 2000 client for about
300 users. When an organizer schedules a meeting, hits the Attendee
Availability tab, the organizer can't see the usual busy or "Out of Office"
time information for other users AFTER May 1, 2005. After May 1 the row to
the right of the non-organizer username is just hatched like this: \ \ \ \ \
\ - which the legend says means no information. Prior to May 1 the usual
user status is displayed. Theorganizer can see his/her own information for
as far into the future as the he can look. The organizer can also invite the
attendees successfully and the attendee is notified if there is a conflict.

This is a global problem. Not sure how long it has been going on. It was
just brought to my attention today. I am not sure if the No Information will
continue to display after May 1 or if it will move forward with time. Right
now it is a minor annoyance, but it would be a major problem if organizers
can't determine the availability of users for any meeting.

Any ideas? Database corruption? Some weird permissions problem? Can anyone
suggest a DB cleanup utility that might fix this?

We are planning to migrate to 2003, due to some SAN issues there is no way
this can be done before May 1.

Please reply to the email address below.



Mike Morgan
Public Communications Services
Network/System Administrator




Have you checked the free/busy settings on the clients to see what the
allowed time period is (3,6,12 months etc) to publish?

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