Meeting Request - reply undeliverable



Non-exchange email server. Outlook 2007 user sending meeting request
Outlook 2002 and Outlook 2003 users trying to accept request

When accepting/replying to a meeting request, I have two users (Outloo
2002 and Outlook 2003) that get an error message that the reply i
Undeliverable. Another Outlook 2007 user was able to accept the meetin
without error. The two user's having trouble can email the meetin
organizer without errors and they can also accept meeting requests fro
other organizers just fine.

When I look at the logs on the email server, the RCPT TO: field has th
meeting organizer's name instead of the email address. (i.e. <<To
Smith>> instead of <<tom.smith @>>). Is there a reaso
Outlook is formatting the return address this way for a meeting reply
Can I fix it

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