Meeting request in Outllook cannot be read in Gmail Calendar



Can you provide me with instructions on how to send Outlook 2007 meeting
requests that can be read by GMAIL as a Meeting Request?

How do I sned a meeting request through Outlook 2007 that can be read by
Gmail as a meeting request for the other party to Reply with an Accept.?

I tried and the other party cannot reply and/or read the meeting request

Please advise

John Guin [msft]

Hello Francisco,

Here's what I did:
1. I opened a meeting request in Outlook 2007. I'm using an exchange server.
2. I addressed it normally, etc...
3. <<This is the key>> Instead of sending, I clicked "Forward as icalender"
(this is the bottom selection on the forward button)
3. Sent it to my gmail account.
4. When I opened it in gmail, I saw a "Going? yes | no | maybe" control.
5. I clicked yes and gmail sent an acceptance response back to Outlook.

There may be a way to write a macro to do this automatically (if the To
control contains a gmail address, add an ICS attachment to the meeting) if
you want to dive into VBA. If not, this little workaround may help.

John Guin
OneNote Test Team

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

What type of email account do you have configured? If the address is
configured for 'let outlook decide', and outlook is configured to html for
internet addresses, it should convert the meeting request to an ical


Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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