Showing Meeting Organizer in Scheduling View



Using Exchange Server 2003 with Outlook 2007.
'Psuedo' mailboxes have been setup for different facilities in our physical
office ( ex: conference rooms ) so they can be selected as Resources when
scheduling a New Meeting in Outlook.
When someone (Person A) is looking to organize a New Meeting in their
Outlook Calendar AND anything in the Attendee Listing is shown as BUSY, such
as a conference room resource already 'booked' by a different meeting
organizer (Person B), want Person A to be able to place their cursor over the
conference room's BUSY indicator and have Person A be able to see the Meeting
Organizer (Person B) for the BUSY conference room resource.

SUMMARY : How can the BUSY 'blocks' in the Schedule View be configured so
anyone can see who the Meeting Organizer is for any 'Attendee' listed as BUSY.

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