How free/busy information will be uploaded to Exchange



Though the answer to my question is very straight forward, I want to know how
this will work in below scenario.

In my organization, we use Outlook calendaring for managing conference room
resources. We have around ten conference rooms(10 mailboxes) and we have
granted to rights(full) to a mailing list where all reception people will be
member of. They take care of accepting/rejecting meeting requests by adding
all ten conference room calendars into their outlook. And there is a outlook
rule configured in conference room mailbox to forward all rules to reception
mailing list. So any meeting request sent to conference room mailbox will get
forwarded to Reception mailing list and they approve it from their mailboxes.

And I have disabled login IDs of all the conference rooms to ensure that no
one tries to login except reception people who already has permissions.

So now my question is, say today one reception person is responsible for
accepting/rejecting meeting requests coming from users, she/he accepts the
requests from his/her mailbox and a entry will be made in conference room
mailbox calendar because it is added to receptionist outlook. In this case,
receptionist outlook is responsible for uploading the free/busy information
of all conference room mailboxes or is there any other process which uploads
the free busy conference room calendars? Also I want to make a note here
that, we are not opening conference room mailbox anywhere except adding it in
receptionist outlook as additional calendar.

Please let me know if my question is not clear.



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