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PapaJohn \(MVP\)

I just added a new website page about capturing for a camcorder with
Vista... it's the Setup Movie Maker > Vista Preview > Capturing page.

There's a number of changes in Vista... the help file says Movie Maker
doesn't work for analog capture devices and says to use the software that
came with the device....

It's name is Importing, not Capturing...

Pass-thru works great... I just did a 2 hour Hi8 tape, using my mini-DV
camcorder for pass-thru... you can opt for DV-AVI or WMV.... I opted for WMV
and get no profile choices. By default I end up with a very high quality
9,000+ kbps file... that's about 9 GB in file size, about 1/3 the size of
DV-AVI.... very high quality.

.... and it has a dropped frame meter...

Most importantly, I've used it for a number of sessions and have had no
problems... and no dropped frames.


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I am curious how that high quality WMV file turns out after being converted
and burned to a DVD since the high quality NTSC files don't always turn out
so well.

Tony Cooper

Pass-thru works great... I just did a 2 hour Hi8 tape, using my mini-DV
camcorder for pass-thru

Just out of curiosity, what do you make movies *of*? Like you, I have
grandchildren and can burn up a lot of tapes capturing them, but you
make so many movies researching different things that I'd think you'd
run out of subject matter.

PapaJohn \(MVP\)



When you have kids/grandkids I don't think it is possible to run out of
subject matter. :)

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