Capturing analog video



I'm having trouble with Movie Maker capturing analog video that's fed from my analog Hi8 camcorder through my mini DV camcorder. If I press play on my analog camcorder, the video will play in the display window in Movie Maker. However, when I click on Capture, my DV camcorder starts to play. How do I capture without this happening?

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Although there are a few digital camcorders that vary on this you cannot
usually use a digital camcorder as a pass-thru device.

Capture the analog video on the digital camcorder, then capture the digital
video to the PC via firewire in the normal way.

If you do not want the extra step, purchase analog capture hardware.



My DV camcorder is one of the ones that can be used as a bypass to convert to digital. I've capture video using it with other programs like Ulead Video Studio. I just like the editing features in MM2 and would like to use it for capture and editing.

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