Converting Analog to Digital video using sony DCR pc350 camera



I have Sony analog camera and a Sony DCR pc350 digital camera. According to
sony I can convert my analog Hi 8 tapes into digital form. I have made the
right connections and start playing my analog sony camcorder. It shows on my
digital camcorder screen and shows it is in the a/v -d/v converted mode. I
can also see the picture on my Windows Movie Maker screen. But when I ask to
capture that picture instead of capturing the converted picture it starts my
digital camera and starts capturing the picture from digital camera. When I
stop capturing it start playing my analog video on the moview maker screen
and as well as on my digital camcorder screen.

Is it a problem of Windows Movie Maker or the Sony Camera. Am I missing
any setting on Movie maker which says do not control the camcorder and just
picture from it.

Can someone who has done this before help on this.


I have a acer travelmate c110 series tablet PC. It is upgraded to sp2 during
the windows PC platform. The movie maker is 2.1.4026.0. Yes it is a 2.1.
Is there anyway I can uninstall the windows movie maker and reinstall again.
I do not see anywhere uninstall for it.


But windows Movie maker says it is only available with windowsn SP2. That is
the problem. If I look for updates it says my windows is uptodate. I am so
frustrated that I am thinking of reloading the entire operating system.

Is there a easier way out.

PapaJohn \(MVP\)

On my Sony digital camcorder, for me to use it as a 'pass-thru' device for
my Sony Hi8 analog one, I had to go into the menu of the camcorder and
enable the feature.... see the Setup > MM2.1 page of my website for a full
description of how I set it up.

I'd think and test some more before going to such a drastic step as a full

Movie Maker 2 and Photo Story 3 -
Photo Story 2 -

John Kelly


Why not download the full SP2 ????? instead of doing it online (which is an
iffy process at the best of times).....OR....if the full download is a bit
heavy for you...go to your local newsagent store and grab one of the
magazines with the free SP2 CD on it??

Best Wishes.....John Kelly
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