Can't Capture Video using Pass-Through on Sony Digital Camcorder



I have a Sony DRC-TRV22 digital camcorder. It is
suppossed to have pass-through technology where I can
plug an analog device like VCR or old camcorder up to it
with A/V connection then run analog signal into Sony and
directly out through firewire as digital signal to my
desktop software. MovieMaker picks up signal and can be
seen on screen but when I go to capture it, it tries to
capture cassette in Sony Camcorder. If there is no
cassette in Sony it will not try to capture at all. I
can capture digital directly from the Sony into Movie
Maker. I have spoken to two tech reps at Sony and used
all of their online support and tutorials to no avail. I
bought this camera so I could transfer over old analog
stuff. Having same problem with ArcSoft software. Can
anyone help me?

PapaJohn \(MVP\)

Last April Microsoft released a utility to help MM2 users do 'pass-thru'....
it's in a KB Article and there's a link to it in the 3rd paragraph of the
'Computer and Movie Maker 2 Limitations' section of the Problem Solving >
Checklist page of

Those who use it report that it works well.


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