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Interesting movie Papajohn, when you get a chance, can you advise on the
- mpeg2 support (and MP4 support) given these appear to be formats that
will have strong support in the video industry.
- quality of DV-AVI rendering - remembering the discussion on the
'filter' placed on DV-AVI rendering to 'support older TV's'
- dropped frame issue for ntsc rendering
- enabling of a single frame cut rather than two frames (part of your
video implies this may be solved?)


PapaJohn \(MVP\)

the message I get when trying to import an MPEG-2 file is the codec needed
isn't on my system... it's a totally clean install on a reformatted
drive.... but an evaluation version that doesn't have all stuff yet... so I
don't know what it'll support later.

I didn't try any MP4 files yet...

yes, DV-AVI rendering is a big one... I'm hopeful as I'm seeing that DV-AVI
files are handled a bit differently, but haven't studied it closely yet. The
system files are all new versions...

dropped frame issue... that'll be easy to check, but I haven't done it yet.

Movie Maker in Vista is back to single frame viewing in the collection and
timeline... like MM1 days... but I haven't studied the ability to find and
snip out a single frame.

Lot's of things to study after the first overview.... thanks for the note

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