Sony High Definition Camcorder


PapaJohn \(MVP\)

We've seen a clip shot on a new Sony High Definition camcorder, captured to
a computer using Vegas 6, imported and edited in Movie Maker 2, and rendered
to a WMV file of 1920x1080 pixels (widescreen), 24 fps, 8447kbps total
bitrate, 24 seconds duration, with a file size of 25 MB.

Discussion about it is ongoing in the Capturing and Importing Media forum at - complete with a link to download/view the
clip... a turtle crossing a road (it was brought indoors for the video

I'll be expanding my website info about the process of getting and using
high definition video to my website, and have this and/or other sample clips
for download.

This is the beginning of true High Definition camcorder video with Movie
Movie Maker 2 and Photo Story 3 website -

tips and tricks:

Online Newsletters:


I want that High Def Cam from Sony....want to buy my old one? ha ha ha

I ran across the 'custom profiles' on your site the other day and since i'm
in high def mode I tried them out. The 800 x 600 really works great!! The
reason I love it is because it is greater than DVD....for example. I have a
bunch of 5 megapixel stills and made a music/slideshow and saved the movie in
the 800 x 600. Then I used my AVS converter and converted the movie into
MPEG2 at its native resolution (800x600)... I can now save this on the high
speed media stick pro I am getting this week and play this higher than dvd
quality on my projector. My current sticks (15mps vs 80mps on the high speed
ones) will only play mpeg1's acceptably and will play but stutter on the
higher mpeg2's. The projector accepts all the various media and has an
internal media player; but it only plays Mpegs...which is fine with me. DVD
quality is amazing on it for movies....less so for pics converted into video,
but from what I see on my computer screen I'm going to be very happy with
this new quality video done with the 800 x 600 custom profile. THANKS!

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