Vista Explorer Remember Folder View Settings



From reading around and from my own experience, there seems to be a lot of
problems with Vista Explorer remembering folder view settings (details,
icons, etc).

Whats the current state of play with this problem? Is there a solution to
it, or a bug fix? Its very annoying to have to change the settings every now
and again when I enter a folder.


Hi Adrian,

I am so glad that you wrote this testimonial, because I agree with you 100%.

I too thought I had just finally got all my views "set" in Windows Explorer,
.... only to find out again this morning that they have all reverted back to
the "Large Icons" view (versus my preferred "Details" view).

I also find it amazing how this problem doesn't seem to get discussed much,
for I consider this a HUGELY annoying deficiency allowed by Microsoft
Corporation. It really goes to show you how much influence these guys have in
the media to hush up such a problem.

As for Windows Vista as a whole, it will probably go down as one of the
worst OS releases ever, next to Windows Millennium.

Martin Racette

And in about 6 weeks you will have to redo that same thing because Windows
will start to forget, that problem as been with Windows for ages, I don't
understand why Microsoft put those settings in the registry, the setting of
every folders should be in a hidden file in each folder, like Linux KDE
does, it work very well and it's just as fast to display the content the
proper way

Microsoft's way remember only a few folders, so if your like me and use a
folder that contain file associatesd with a specific purpose then it won't
be long that Windows will vbegin to forget those settings.


I am replying because obviously I face (STILL FACING) the same problem. From
what I've been experiencing, the problem occurs mostly after the
installation of a software that contains too many folders. It start with me
when I installed iTunes (130+ folders). Then my folder view become messed
up. I changed it only to find that it messed up again. My advice is,
installed any and all software (especially that have many folders) that you
want to use first. Only after that reset any folders views (especially
personal folders) to your heart content. I know it doesn't solve the problem
but thats the only way that I found to getting around the problem. Still,
form time to time, the problem occurs but its not as worse as before.

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