Want file explorer to Always default to Details view



I use my computer as a professional. Therefore the Vista file
explorer needs to always show the details view of a folder regardless
of folder content. In a business environment it looks amateurish to
see a ratings column with stars because there happens to be an MP3
file in there. If I should want a pictures or music view, then just
let me choose that manually. I looked around for a FAQ but saw no

Should the Vista file explorer be unable to always default to Details
view, please, anyone, feel free of suggest an aftermarket/third-party
file explorer. Yes, I will pay if necessary.

Thank you.


Thank you for the reply. Since it took a few days for my Usenet post
to show up, I spent much more time investigating this Vista bug. It
seems that people call this malfunctioning Vista feature "folder
sniffing". With that search term, Google presented me with lots of
solutions on how to turn off this folder sniffing "feature".

The more that I find out about the Vista File Explorer, the more that
I'd like to simply replace it with a third-party file explorer product
-- one that, for example, would allow me to put a "Delete" icon onto
the toolbar, and one that would never ever show a less-than-useful,
space-consuming column like Ratings.

So I'm still digging...

Gene Hora

XYplorer is really an excellent substitute for Windows Explorer. I obtained
it when my old faithful PowerDesk 6 which I used for years kept acting up in
Vista. While I was (and am still) really pleased with XYplorer,
Avanquest.com has finally updated PowerDesk 7 to Vista compatible. PowerDesk
and XYplorer each have many features Windows Explorer lacks and some
different from each other. You can't go wrong on either as a substitute,
although my bias is toward PoweDesk I suppose because of my long famiiarity
with it and a few of the features not found in XYplorer. There's a "free"
version of PowerDesk that you can try.


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