Details View has Music Columns



When using Word 2003 to open a file (File>Open) it opens in the "Details"
view, which is what I want, however the selected fields after filename are
"Album", Album Title", "Track" , and so on. They all appear to be tailored
to Music files - which I find curious for MS Word. I am able to change them
to the more common word-file related fields that I want, however the change
never sticks, it always comes back to the music columns.

It is the same issue with all of my Office programs. The file explorer has
the correct standard fields, so I do not think it is related to Explorer.

Is there a place to set the default columns for the "Details" view?

I am using Windows XP SP2, Office 2003 SP3, on an IBM T-60 Thinkpad Laptop

Gordon Bentley-Mix

I get the same thing but in Windows Exploder (Vista) and only for certain
folders - none of which (to the best of my knowledge) contain or have ever
contained any music, just Word documents. I also get an option to 'Play All'
when sitting at the root of the folder, which I normally don't have in any
other folder containing Word docs. It's a real PITA since the folders
contain several files, and I usually want to know the one I worked with most
recently. Fortunately, changing the columns displayed seems to stick,
although I have to do it manually for each folder that gets displayed like
this. I'm not concerned about changing the default view settings since I
want folders that *do* contain music to display the music-related columns,
but I'm curious as to why Vista would think that this is the right view in
the first place...

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