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Legallisa - switching from WordPerfect

When I OPEN a file, I would like my VIEWS to always be set as DETAILS. How
can I set this to be the default view?

I have gone to Windows Explorer Tools | Folder Options and set the folders
to be like the one shown (details) but when I go back into Word 2007 the old
yucky view is still there. Also, I need the the title of the document column
to be wider, which I can do by dragging it, but I want to set it wider as a
default, and it switches back to the yucky view as soon as I close the open
dialogue box.

This was posted previously but wasn't answered. Anybody???

Terry Farrell

Use File, Open and select Detail from the View menu. That should be
remembered. If not, tell us which versions of Word and OS you are using.

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