Default view?


Gary Gary

Every Word file is opening up in Print layout. Is there any way of having
the default opening layout to be Web layout? Who prints these days
anyway? Maybe 1 in 100 documents on a typical computer ever gets printed!
It seems ridiculous to have Print as the default layout.
Using XP Pro SP3 with Office 2007 but have chosen to save documents in the
Word 2003 file type so Wordpad can access them in case I need to work with
them on a public computer that may not have Word 2007 installed.

Surely it must be possible to have Web Layout as the default View
setting. I have hundreds of these files. I can modify the page of
course, save the changes with the new view setting and it retains it
(thank goodness). But I, along with millions of other people around the
world would like Word to "behave better". :)



Stefan Blom

Use a couple of auto macros to force the view that you want:

Sub AutoOpen()
ActiveWindow.View.Type = 6 'Web view
ActiveWindow.View.Zoom.Percentage = 100

End Sub
Sub AutoNew()
ActiveWindow.View.Type = 6 'Web view
ActiveWindow.View.Zoom.Percentage = 100
End Sub

Place the macros in the Normal template. For assistance, see

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