Set default view in Windows Explorer



How can I set a default view for Windows Explorer?
It seems that each folder gets a differet view style depending on its
contents. Like ... if a folder has lots of .mp3 files, it will show details
for mp3 files, pictures are shown as thumbnails and so on. But I don't want
that. I want file details no matter what folder contents.
Tried set APPLY TO ALL FODERS in folder's options, but it doesn't work.

Don Varnau

As you've discovered, Vista is giving you the columns it thinks you should
have based on the type of files it has detected (perhaps erroneously) in
that folder.

I don't think you can make an "apply to all folders" change.

To set columns for a particular folder, right-click in the folder >Customize
this folder> What kind of folder do you want? Use this folder as a template>
select "All Items." Vista should remember column settings for that folder.

Hope this helps,

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