View Constantly Changing, Doesn't Save


John Ciccone

It seems like I've tried storing view options in Windows Explorer a million
times, but it does not hold the settings. This is in both Vista 32 and Vista

After configuring columns (adding, removing, ordering) I go to Tools >
Folder Options > View. Select "Apply to Folders".

But as I navigate through directories in WE... sometimes just drilling down
into subdirectories I'm subjected to this insane, constant switching from
Detail view (what I normally prefer) to List view, to Small Icons to Large

And the columns continuously change as well. I usually just care about Size
and Date Modified. But often I hit a directory (perhaps one that contains
media files) and it drops BOTH of these columns and instead presents only
things like Artist and Rating. Utterly useless and something I NEVER
configure to.

Can someone help please?

Thank you.

John Ciccone

What a great tip, Paul. Thanks!

Great to stop banging my head against the desk. It was really starting to

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