Personal folders show "Small Icons" view



I have Vista Home Personal.

In Windows Explorer, I have configured all my "Personal" folders (the
"green" folders") to be as follows:

Template = "Documents"
View = "Details"

In Windows Explorer, everything is fine. However, if these same folders
appear in (a) a downloads dialog (IE or FF), or (b) a "Save As" dialog, or
(c) any "Browse for files" dialog, the folders do not display correctly. Here
are the details:

- The folders are green, which is OK
- If I right-click on a green folder, and click Properties > Customize,
then the template is "Documents", and "Also apply this template to all
sub-folders is checked. This is OK
- However, if I then open a green folder, the contents are displayed in
the "Small icons" view, rather than the "Details" view. All sub-folders are
also in "Small icons" view.

I'm no geek, but to me it looks as if the info for Personal folders for
Windows Explorer is being stored in one part of the registry. For all other
dialogs, the registry location must be different.

Any advice?


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