Explorer views change from saved settings randomly


Adam Sandler


I'm running 32 bit Vista Home Basic. From Explorer, I have set the
view for files and folders to details, sorted by type, and in Tools |
Folder Options | View and clicked on Apply to Folders.

The problem I'm having is every now and again, Explorer decides to
display it how it it wants... often showing my files in the large icon
view, and putting the tags, rating, and date taken columns in the
view... even for exe files... what does date taken have to do with an

This is really starting to p!ss me off. Even if I only have one
explorer window open, and I set up all my preferences and apply that
to all the folders, sometime in the future, Explorer will change how
the windows are displayed.

I've never seen this happen on any other MS OS... just Vista!

Any suggestions pertaining to how I can keep Explorer from changing
the views randomly is greatly appreciated.


Adam Sandler

Hopefully this helps. Worked for me when I was running Vista :)


Thanks for the link!!!

I used to have a VB script to change the setting... as as the settings
were stored in the registry in pre-Vista days.

In Vista, my script doesn't work anymore. In Vista if I do a file
diff on the registry before and after changing the folder view
settings, there isn't a change. So I have no idea where these
settings are being written! Ugh.

Thanks again for the link.

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