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Every time I access Vista's Windows Explorer the choices in what to view are
always the same: Name, Size, Date, Tags, Date taken OR Date Modified. Even
though I change the choices I prefer through View > Choose Details and
deselect Date taken and Tags, then go into Tools > Folder Options and select
View "Apply to Folders", once I access Windows Explorer again after rebooting
it's back to the original Name, Size, Date, Tags, and Date taken or Modified.
Is there something I'm missing where I can only have what I want which is
always Name, Size, and Date each time I return? Thanks so much.

Cal Bear '66

Right click on the column headers and select/deselect the columns you want.
Check out More... (627 options).

Wala Wala

Hi Lee Lord,

Do all of method two in this tutorial. It will show you how to get
Vista to remember your settings.

You might find this tutorial useful as well.

It takes 2 0r 3 mouse clicks in XP while takes a long winded tutorial
to accomplish the same thing in vista. And people call this progress?
Am I missing something here?

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