Vista Folder with Start Rating



Dear All,

In Flie Explorer, goto Detail view.

Some folders are just normal (where you can see Name, Modified Date,
Type and Date), but some folders just display Name, Date Taken, Tag,
Size, Rating.

Question: How can I display that? I just want a normal display, the
information are very important to me. Not those Date Taken, Tag and

Thanks In Advance.


I get it.. I think what the first post was asking is " do i have to do this
to every folder?" Example. seaching for maptech spoftware file in my
system. Everytime it displays rating, tags,dates etc. .. I would like to
set the template to only ever show Name and type. EVER. I i feel the need
for something else i can add it. There must be a template feeature
somewhere? I have change the file settings 1000 of times and guess what?
make a new folder.. and change it again.

Please help.


i understand that. But do i need to do it every time? Where is the
default that makes it select "pictures and video" as file type and not "all

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