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Running Outlook 2007, Vista Business Edition.

My domain is being spoofed by a spammer. I know this because I am receiving
dozens of "mail not delivered" bounces containing the original message as an
attachment (it is an advert for Viagara.) The original message is from a
fake sender name @ my domain.

How do I view the Internet headers of the original message attached to the
bounce mail? I have saved the message and edited it but the header appears
to be encoded and is unreadable.


PS: Reading the headers used to be easy - why is it now so difficult?



Diane Poremsky

if the header is unreadable your mail server is doing it. have you tried
looking at the headers within outlook?


It's nicely hidden now. With the message open, click on that very small
arrow in the lower right corner of the Options group. There you will see the
Internet headers window.



A forged header will tell you very little. Here's how to view the options in
the original message (don't edit it first) From Office 2007 Help Online:
"Open a message.
On the Message tab, in the Options group, click the Dialog Box Launcher .
In the Message Options dialog box, the headers appear in the Internet
headers box."




Thanks Mary - I read Tim's post first :)

They were actually a rather incompentent spammer and I have now been able to
log a formal complaint with and with the spammer's ISP. The ISP
is based in the US, but the site itself is Chinese owned. I'll wait and see
what happens. Hopefully the ISP will dump them because email forgery is
illegal in the states even if anything goes in China.

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