Control format of headers in replies to an email


stephen O'D

Lets say I have an email with several people on the TO list. When I
receive the email and view it, Outlook shows me the senders name or
Exchange identifier and hides the emails address, ie instead of me

(e-mail address removed)

I get

'Sammy Smith'

This is generally fine, and if I need the real address, I can right
click and get it.

However if I reply to that email, or forward it (with forwards set to
quote the original email instead of attaching it), in the header
section of the quoted email, Outlook will insert the text 'Sammy
Smith' instead of the real email address, ie something like:

This is my reply text

From: Original senders NAME (not email)
To: Original send list NAMES (ie 'Sammy Smith' and no mention of
(e-mail address removed))
Subject: Some subject

Original message text


This means that whoever I forward the message to (or if I do a reply
and change the distribution list) that the next sender of the message
just sees the original lists names, and has no access to their email

Is there any way I can get Outlook to place the emails addresses in
the 'quoted reply' message instead of names?





Diane Poremsky [MVP]

No. Outlook uses the display names in the body. If you need to include the
addresses, copy them from the message header and paste in the message.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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