Uncheck "Send meeting to this attendee" in Outlook 2007


David Gaddy

Situation: A legal assistant is asked to schedule a meeting by his/her
lawyer. The assistant opens the lawyer's calendar to set up the meeting. Now
that lawyer does not want to be bothered by another email announcing the
meeting about which they already aware. They are picky that way.

How do you setup the meeting without sending the request to the organizer?
In previous versions (2003 - I am told) of Outlook you could uncheck "Send
meeting to this attendee" in Scheduling. That is not allowed in Outlook 2007?

Am I missing something here?



Judy Gleeson \(MVP Outlook\)

If you give them high enough levels of permission they can just place the
appointment in the lawyer's calendar and there's no meeting request sent to
the lawyer.


Judy Gleeson
MVP Outlook
Trainer and Consultant www.pragmatix.com.au
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on my website.


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