Meetings/Appointments - Don't send meeting to this attendee



I have an issue where users are receiving and accepting appointment/meeting
requests. The issue is that the free/busy information will show that some or
all of the attendees F/B as unavailable. This is because to the left of the
attendees names list the envelope icon for "Send meeting to this attendee"
has a X over it for "Don't send meeting to this attendee".

If I access another attendee's mailbox and look at the same appt./meeting
the F/B information is available and the X for "Don't send meeting to this
attendee" is not present; it shows as a normal meeting should.

The only thing that I have been able to piece together on this is that the
issue occurs on mailboxes whom an administrative assistant has accepted the
meeting on the mailbox owners behalf. However it does not occur for each
mtg/appt. accepted by the administrative assistant. So far I have identified
this issue between 3 mailbox on the same store and for calendar entries
accepted by 2 different administrative assistants.

Aside to figuring out the problem, is anyone aware of how you would be able
to do this when accepting, tentatively accepting, or declining a meeting?
This is the only area where I see this could be altered but I would expect
that only the meeting organizer can do this. I have checked the organizers
mtg/appts. and it is not identified to "Don't send meeting to this attendee".
If it were I would also expect that the attendee flagged for this would not
receive the meeting anyway.

I am open to any/all ideas. I'm loosing my mind on this. Typically in
these situations my experience has been that I am looking too deep and the
answer is obvious making it the most oblivious ;) Thanks for any assistance
you may be able to provide.

Exchange 2003
Outlook 2002


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