Change meeting don't send update



I want to change a meeting (in this case change the time by half an hour).
I don't want to send an update to the attendee/s.
The only options I get are "Save changes and send update" or "Don't save".
I want to save the changes but not update.
How can I make a change but not update people?
If I remove the attendeed from the To box, it still wants to send an update,
so presumably it is still registering them as people to say "you are no
longer involved but I'll tell you anyway".
If I click the "Cancel Meeting" button, it seems to want to delete the
appointment - I just want to turn it from a meeting to an appointment without
bothering attendees who can move or delete their versions if they wish.
If I try to delete the meeting (having copied it for my calendar), I can
only "Send cancellation" or "Don't send and close".
I'm in OL 2007, on XP



Judy Gleeson \(MVP Outlook\)

What you want is AFAIK not possible. If you orgaise a meeting and change
the time, Outlook will insist that the attendees need to know that so it can
automatically move it in their Calendars for them.


Judy Gleeson
MVP Outlook



Craig Mark

This option was availible in Outlook 2003?

We have recently started an upgrade to 2007 and this issue is causing some
distress to our users.

I have tried some of the various work arounds posted on other forums but
none seem to work, do we have any update on this?

I am using Windows XP SP3 / Office 2007 SP2 connecting to an Exchange 2003

Kind Regards,


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