Removing Attendees from Outlook Meeting without Notification under



I have both a WinXP and Vista workstation.

Under XP Office 2003, When I remove or ADD Attendees from a longstanding
Meeting that I chair, Outlook gives me an option to only notify the attendees
which I have removed from the meeting and not send notifications of a meeting
change to the other attendees.

Under Vista Office 2007, When I remove or ADD Attendees from a longstanding
Meeting that I chair, Outlook will not save the meeting unless I send an
update message to ALL of the meeting attendees; which means that I cannot
remove a single person from my invitation list without sending a meeting
update to everyone.

This is very inconvenient, since my meeting has about 160 attendees and
someone is always asking to be removed or added to the meeting and it appears
that I cannot ADD or REMOVE anyone without sending a new meeting invitation
to 160 people, who should be in no way effected by the fact that someone they
do not know was added or subtracted from the invite list.

Maybe I just do not know how to add or remove attendees without the need to
notify all the attendees.

This NOTIFY ALL requirement will make the calendering option unmanagable for
recurring meetings that include large groups of attendees.

Does someone know how to add or remove without the need to notify

If vthis is the only way: Microsoft should lookinto adding a NOTIFY ONLY
CHanged option to 2007

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