Inviting new attendee to existing meeting without cancelling meeti



I thought I was following the directions for MS Outlook 2007 for attending an
attendee to existing meeting and sending the update only to that attendee -
my understanding was that I should add the new attendee, then unchecked the
other attendees on the "Scheduling" tab. This prompted the message "send
only to new attendee" (or something along that line), which is what I wanted
to happen. After I sent it to only the new attendee, I saw in my "Sent" box
that I had CANCELLED the meeting for the other attendees! I certainly did
not intend to do that! What is a better way to add attendees and not send
the update to all without resulting in a meeting cancellation! Thanks so
much for your help!

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Try forwarding the request next time (it works if an attendee forwards, not
sure about organizer) or add the new member but keep the existing ones
checked - outlook should ask who to send updates to.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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I ran into exactly the same problem a couple of months ago. I followed the
directions from Outlook help (which links to the blog), which
said to do what you described, and it deleted my meeting too.

I contacted Robert (aka Roady), the blog owner, and he contacted Outlook
about it. Apparently the instructions on his blog - which has been linked to,
and therefore supposedly endorsed by, MS - are not how the feature is
supposed to work. The feedback he got from MS was that you should add the new
people to the meeting, then when you save, it will prompt you and you can
send it only to the newly added people.

This doesn't explain why their help system says to do exactly what you
described, but hopefully they will update help to give the correct

I know this isn't too helpful, but at least know you're not alone! (And
thanks again to Roady for his help in contacting MS to figure out the


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