Unable to upgrade to Windows Media Center 11



I was trying to watch a movie in Netflix, but it said I needed to upgrade my
media player. Thus, I clicked on the upgrade button and went through all the
motions to download and run the files. However, after agreeing to the terms
when validating, I received a notice that I am using an Unsupported Operating
System. I am told to visit Windows Update to download the Update Rollup 2
for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 before installing Windows Media
Player 11.

So, I visited the Update Site and downloaded the Rollup 2 files and ran
them, and restarted my CPU. I went to do everything above again and I still
received the same message.

I am currently using Windows XP and on Window Media 10. Please advise.

I am not sure why I can not download the appropriate files




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