unable to send fax



I am using RapidFax to send internet faxes via my mail client, Outlook
2003. Everytime I send an internet fax from Outlook 2003 through my
work e-mail account, I get a message from RapidFax stating that I must
be a registered user.

I can go on-line and use their on-line utility to send a fax without a

If I change my outgoing mail server to my personal e-mail account
settings, then I am able to send without a problem.

I figure that this is probably a problem with how my work outgoing mail
server is sending this to the fax service server, but can't get to the
bottom of it. I have tried troubleshooting with RapidFax and my work
ISP with no luck.

Has anyone had or heard of a similar issue or perhaps have an idea?

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Most of these companies use your email address to authenticate your request
to their fax servers. You'll need to ask them how or if you can register a
second email address.


Jason, check your security settings in your email program as well as your
port settings. Check your Tools menu and security in your web browser. Make
sure that you allow scripts on several of the settings. If it is an unknown
script being blocked you may not want to change that setting. it will open
you up to a lot of things you don't want. You can change the SMTP Port to
465. Also, your windows firewall may be set to high. if you are using
Norton Antivirus then there is nothing you can do. That is a flaw in the
norton programming in their attempt to make sure that their program takes
over. Most of these programs want to be free to use the internet. If it can
not see what it is looking for you can get a message like that. if all of
that does not work uninstall, reboot and reinstall. When you reinstall watch
the questions closely. Choose let me pick the components i want to install
and do not do the instal everything. Those settings may reset themselves
that way. If you still have problems you may have a virus blocking a port.
You may call me at 317-716-2212 or go to wittydesigns.com

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