Failure to send pdf when sending internet fax

Jun 20, 2006
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I have the following process when sending a fax message via Word/Outlook 2003 internet fax and fax service on my laptop running XP.

1. Complete cover sheet template in MS Word.

2. Select the File --> Send To --> Recipent using Internet fax service. (This opens a new outlook fax form with the Word cover sheet template attached as a tif image)

3. I then attach the additional pdf files I want to send and click send.

Once Outlook has completed the send/receive process I notice that the e-mail "fax" message was sent without the attached pdf file. The tif image of the cover sheet is still attached. I can open the message, select Tools --> Resend message, re-attach the pdf file and click send....message goes through complete.

I used this same process on my old laptop and it work without issue. From what I can see, I have set up the new laptop with the same properties. Any clue to what is causing this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Deer Park, TX
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