Can't get Microsoft fax delivery notification



How I can set up delivery notification from Microsoft fax service via outlook

I already set up Microsoft Windows 2003 Fax service and shared to client. I
integrated this service for microsoft outlook 2003 to be the fax client.

It worked properly to send fax document both put message in body of email
and attach the file.

I wonder I can't get any delivery notification even though that message
already sent from fax server.

I got delivery notification when use fax client wizard directly from that
document like word, excel version 2003.

Any ideas, please advice.

Jatupong ([email protected])

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

The fax client you are using will be unfamiliar to readers of this group.
State how you configured it to receive delivery notification. No fax client
i know of that integrates with Outlook supports that feature. Why don't you
just use the client directly if you want delivery notification?

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