can't get fax in outlook 2003



i am using winXP, with office 2003. i had setup my fax services, it is
working fine.

but my outlook 2003 can't get the fax even though i had added the "Fax
Transporter".... but those faxes are in the Fax console (can read as

my outlook is always on, but when a fax coming... it goes to Fax
console instead of outlook.

what should i do now?


Behaving as designed.

WHAT?!?! NO WAY!. my client need the outlook to get the fax. then the
fax will forward into the public folder in the exchange server.

this is something that had been done during the Win98's pc, but
recently they get a new pc, using winxp and outlook 2003, so
everything must be set back as the previous one.

i dont accept "Behaving as designed." , windows does support
"receiving fax in outlook using microsoft fax" since win95.

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