Internet Fax option



Outlook 2003, Win 2000

select 'New', 'Internet Fax' pops up window 'Microsoft Office'
'To use Fax Service to send your fax, you must first sign up with a fax
provider... etc '
Signed up with eFax at
Outlook still displays same message
There are no instructions to configure Outlook to use this internet fax

Also downloaded and installed Fax4Office from 4team Corporation, supposed to
integrate into Outlook 2003, however when sending a fax it always assumes the
service is using a phone line through a modem even though the configuration
option is set to use eFax

Both these services are from Microsoft Office Marketplace

Are there any internet fax services that actually integrate with Outlook
2003 correctly and enable faxing documents using fax numbers from the
contacts field ?

Many thanks for any help, suggestions, comments

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

I have used the Venali service for years with no trouble at all.
You should contact eFax for support. Their product should work just as well.

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