How to send and receives faxes in Outlook '07 w/ free vonage fax l



I just signed up for Vonage business phone service and get a free fax line
that I was hoping to ultilize and keep up the *free* theme with Outlook. I'm
running XP, with Office 07. I done the following in Outlook 07 => tools,
account settings, new (on email tab) then added fax mail transport - mapi.
Then go back to Outlook and hit new, interenet fax, I know get a message - to
use fax service to send your fax, you must first sign up with provider... and
they give you this link =>

Here is the thing, I already have a free # with Vonage...Any way I can make
this work? I imagine I missing something very simple...

Look foward to your replies and thank you in advance.



Thanks for the note...Any other suggestions? I typically send 5 fax / month
and receive <10/month so I was looking for free or close to free as possible.


Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Same as always. The only free fax integration with Outlook is with Microsoft
fax products, all of which require an analog fax modem on an Windows HCL and
a standard analog fax phone line.

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

I assume you have already examined the several Internet Fax Services that
have been developed to integrate with Outlook 2007 and 2003. None is free,
but they are the only somewhat robust fax integration that remain for

Bill R

If this is a VoIP service that supports T.38 and your VoIP device supports
the same then you might have some luck. I have had no luck with some devices
supposed to support T.38 but mostly reliable fax service with others.
What device do you use for your VoIP?

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