FAX sending wrong faxes to recipients




Not sure if any one can shed some light on this.
I have been mail merging faxes from word 2007 using a list from Access 2007
and then onto XP Fax console.
In word you mail merge as an email then select attachment and the email
address is the fax number corectly formated.

This has worked with out a hitch for over a year.

However on my last 2 mail merges Some of the faxes that have gone out have
either been sent to the wrong recipient or the content is from a previouse

I have checked the out box/sent folder in outlook and the word doc
attachments are 100% but once they drop into fax console for faxing they are

Any ideas?
wndows xp
Office 2007
about 100 faxes at a time through mail merge

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Why are you selecting an attachment? A mail merge uses the open Word
document. Clarify your steps.


You could mail merge it as an email (non- attachment) but then it would fax
as an email (with associated formating etc).

by selecting attachment, fax console will fax the attachment to the email as
processed through outlook and your fax will be exactly as per the word doc.
which is great - usually.

What i have found, is that the incorect faxes are previously faxed
documents. Posibly due to the large number of faxes i send (200 a month),
this might have something to do with the temp file names or Job id being

I will have to do more checking to find out where the temp files are stored
and check the job id's to see if they have been replicated.

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

So you are not selecting an attachment after all, then.
Fax merges from Word have never been fully supported nor worked as expected.
Two things you need to try: clear your temp files and Outlook's secure temp
folder (http://www.howto-outlook.com/faq/securetemp.htm)
Make sure your fax addresses are in one-off format.

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