Incoming fax to email solution?



Hoping someone can make a suggestion as to what solution, hardware and
software, I need.

I'm in an office situation with an old Brother fax machine, which
although can be connected to a PC, it's only good for faxing from
screen. It won't send incoming faxes to the PC hard disk, it will only
print incoming faxes to paper.

So, I need a new fax machine or new fax modem or something.

In the office are four PCs. The PCs aren't networked to each other
directly, however they are all networked via a remote server. We run
off an XP platform.

I would like two things to happen:

* I want to be able to send faxes from any of the four PCs.

* I want incoming faxes to be received by one of the PCs, and for
that incoming fax image to be automatically sent to an email address.
We currently use Outlook as an email client, and Outlook runs on an
exchange server I think (I don't if I have the correct terminology
there, but we're a remote office and we ring head office for Outlook
type issues, so I think that involves an exchange server or

Can anyone suggest what might be an economical hardware/software
solution which will achieve this? I know I can just get a modern day
fax machine and the software will take care of most of that, but it's
the automatic emailing of images which I'm not sure about.

Many thanks! Steven

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